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Peak Season Success For A Local Hotel With Social Media

Peak season can make or break a hotel. Even the best marketing strategies for off-peak season can't compensate for a dismal peak season. After consecutive disappointing peak seasons, our client knew they needed to make drastic improvements to how they marketed their hotel for the incoming peak season.

Increase Engagement, Increase Occupancy

Like many hotels, our client had a Facebook business page but they weren't maximizing the potential. A Facebook business page can extend your footprint, drive website traffic, increase engagement, and be a great place to show how many former customers enjoyed their experience. In effect, Facebook gives your business a way to engage with your potential customers in a way that helps to increase bookings. 

The hotel did everything else right - great customer service, a gorgeous establishment with outstanding amenities and an ideal location. They just needed to tell everyone. Off-peak occupancy was steady and if it was accompanied by a stellar peak season, they knew the hotel could go from barely making it to profitable in just a year. The alternative was not something they were willing to consider. 

Our Solution

First, we audited their existing Facebook Business Page. They hired a professional photographer to take photos and videos of the hotel and it was updated with some regularity but there was not a clear strategy and at times, it was confusing. 

We then helped them build a promo that was targeted, easy to understand, and created specifically for Facebook. We took into consideration the performance of their previous postings and promotional efforts to build a campaign we knew would work. 

We started 2 months prior to peak season with weekly high-quality graphic posts that were both eye-catching and shareable. We also posted weekly content that was informative and equally shareable but still promoted the hotel. 

The most effective part of our strategy was the engagement. Facebook makes engagement easy for businesses. When our posts were shared, we made sure we knew about it and engaged with comments about the hotel, the promotion, and the surrounding area. If people were unhappy, we also engaged with them and worked with the hotel staff to find ways to right the wrongs. 

If there was a comment or question relating to the hotel, we tried to respond in a helpful and professional way while still matching the hotel's unique brand personality. We managed to respond to 86% of all online inquiries which improved the perception which had suffered as a result of a somewhat then neglected Facebook page. 

Finally, we tracked the performance of everything and tweaked the campaign along the way. 

The hotel's Facebook business page emerged as its most successful marketing avenue and this peak season was their most successful seasonal promotion ever. 

A Fully Occupied Hotel Is A Happy Hotel

There was never any doubt in the mind of our client that their hotel deserved to be successful and could be 100% booked every peak season. The only thing that was missing was a social media strategy that could expand its footprint and drive visitors to their website. Once we accomplished that, their amazing staff did the rest. 

Establish and maintain your social media presence with our social media solutions. Using the detailed targeting information available of social media about your audience, we build a tailored social media strategy which includes creation and boosting of compelling social media posts.