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Digital Marketing Agency that is passionate about helping clients implement marketing strategies without sacrificing their authenticity & breaking their brand.


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We Share Stories That Create Real Human Connections In Today's Digital World

Our crew is a team of experienced marketing experts who are passionate about helping clients implement marketing strategies without sacrificing their authenticity and breaking their brand. 

Who We Are

The folks behind the magic.

Chris Beckwith-Taylor, Founder & Chief Digital Strategist

Chris Beckwith-Taylor is a marketing innovator, known for progressing the multifamily industry forward with his behavior-based, data-driven approach to digital strategy. Beckwith-Taylor acts as the Owner & Chief Strategist, guiding all strategic digital and technology initiatives across Green Stick Marketing's growing business portfolio.

Before launching his own marketing agency, Chris was the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at The Franklin Johnston Group, where he was responsible for strategic marketing and leasing efforts across the organization's 20,000-plus conventional, senior, and affordable assets.

Chris worked as the National Marketing Manager for Fore Property Company, where he ran the lease-up efforts for new apartment developments in Denver, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Orlando, and Portland. Prior to joining Fore Property Company, Christopher managed the advertising for over 150 multifamily communities at CoStar, a commercial real estate information and marketing provider based in Washington, D.C.

Beckwith-Taylor’s marketing experience began in 2006 as a leasing consultant in Chicago for Village Green, a management company based out of Farmington Hills, Michigan. He last served as a Regional Marketing Director there, overseeing sales, marketing and assisting with business development initiatives.

Chuck Taylor, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Chuck has an extreme passion for helping companies effectively share their mission, values, and unique culture. He analyzes client relationships and data to uncover opportunities for future growth. Chuck creates the bridge between data and business operations with a strong focus on the relationships between Green Stick Marketing's customers and the data. 

Tiffany VanDeMark, Chief Experience Officer

I’m fortunate to be “doing what I love and having fun doing it”—and making sure it’s a win for everyone involved.

I pride myself on my motivation and results-oriented leadership. I am passionate about leading and building teams to accomplish strategic goals.

And the best part? Being a winner doesn’t mean sacrificing time for family, friends, time for solitude and, community, time for contemplation and good works.


A healthy work-life balance is key to achieving your goals while enjoying the journey to the fullest.

With 20 years’ experience in corporate, business-to-business and consumer environments, I still get excited by the powerful impact of creating passionate, enthusiastic connections with customers, employees and partners.

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